Welcome to my blog and I appreciate you that you’re here!

My name is Ekansh Pahwa, 21 years old and a graduate from Delhi University.

There’s a little more about myself and why I have this blog…


How Did I Get Started Exactly?

It was exactly three day into that first trip back in 2015, when I became familiar having an untreatable addiction to entire exploration. So addicted in fact, the notion of returning home actually made me sick to my stomach at the moment. Therefore, without any other choice, I determined that, rather pursuing a standard career, I now wanted to set my sights on becoming a permanent traveler.


But I had only INR 15000 and as time passed, that money naturally began to finish.

As any good Problem-solver could have done in that situation, I took this as a challenge and must work on creating a way to solve the issue. It certainly was not easy, and it took some time, but I finally got there. Having a ton of hard work and determination, in addition to a refusal to accept anything less than the accomplishment of my objectives, I handled, piece by piece, to make the life I dreamt of.


I discovered online work, saved some cash, seen more work and began traveling and on and on always keeping my eyes open for the next opportunity.

And now the result is having the ability to always travel, permitting me to find that eye-opening, first-hand schooling that only travel can offer.

The thing is, I simply went to view the sights, I’d have stopped traveling quite a long time ago!

Instead, I favour to centre on the human interactions and the life lessons learned along the way, both of which are, in my estimation, the most precious facets of travel.

They are certainly the reasons why I am still traveling now.


What Are You Going to Find In this Website?

The Objective of the Blog is straightforward.

I would like to use my own experiences to prove that the travel needs to be, a realistic lifestyle option instead.

That is why I started this blog and it is my core mission today.

Through my own Adventures — from the amazing minutes and rewarding interactions to the struggles and significant challenges — I aim to deliver a realistic and honest reviews for different places.


And this will not change!